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MAGIX Ringtone Maker 3.1

MAGIX ringtone maker is a nice and interesting program, with many features
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MAGIX ringtone maker is a very good application. It has got all the features of a ringtone maker. It is capable of editing four tracks (that are intermixed). We can add any audio file (there are a lot of formats supported). The output audio file can be MP2, WAV, MMF, and WMA, these all are the most popular formats for mobile devices.

The program is really easy to work with, even though there are lots of features we can use. Just add audio clips to the program and you can cut, copy, remix, change their quality or pitch, etc. The equalizer is very efficient. Audio can be previewed without much effort. The program itself doesn’t require much memory or CPU power, unlike other audio / video editing software. The speed of rendering is quite fair.

There is an online content library with a huge collection of ringtones arranged neatly according to various types. It can be accessed directly from the program. The audio is streamed from the Internet when we click play. We can use it in our editing also. But many audio clips need to be paid for. There is no tool to create new audio though (like in Fruity Loops Studio). We can only edit a particular audio. It would have been great if this program included such a feature, but it would make the program much more complex to use.

Zack Martin
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Review summary


  • A lot of features
  • Online library with a lot of ringtones


  • Can only mix 4 tracks at once
  • MIDI files are not supported
  • Doesn't support audio creation
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